Fox 5 Atlanta Investigates Aftermarket Parts

Here at Performance Auto Collision, your safety is our top priority. Our manufacturer certified technicians only trust the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts when repairing your vehicle. Many insurance companies advocate for the use of aftermarket parts to cut back on their own costs when paying out claims. Be aware that as a consumer, you have the right to decide which auto body shop you take your vehicle to after an accident. You also have a right to know the difference between aftermarket parts and genuine OEM parts.

Investigation Reveals the Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

For their July 29th broadcast, the Fox 5 Atlanta I-team did an in-depth investigation on the use of aftermarket parts compared to genuine OEM parts in collision repairs. First, they interviewed the owner of a Ford F150 claiming that his insurance would only pay for aftermarket parts. After several attempts to get OEM parts put on his truck to no avail, he showed the Fox 5 iteam the aftermarket hood that was put on his Ford F150 informing them that “this is not a ford hood, it’s an aftermarket hood and right there you can see things are not lining up the way they’re supposed to be.” When genuine OEM parts are used to replace the damaged parts, there should be no evidence. All parts will be perfectly aligned with the surrounding areas.

After talking to the Ford f150 owner, the i-team came to Performance Auto Collision for a demonstration on the difference between aftermarket and OEM parts. The reporter was given an aftermarket radiator support and an OEM BMW radiator support. When the reporter was told to bend the supports, the aftermarket radiator support was crushed while the OEM BMW radiator support remained unbent. The reporter mentioned that “this is the part that’s supposed to help keep you from getting hurt in an accident.”

Aftermarket Parts Can Void Warranties

Of course, not all Aftermarket additions to your vehicle are “bad.” We’re not talking about aftermarket additions to your vehicle like