Safest Vehicle Brand of 2016

As auto makers continue to push for advancement, safety remains the main focus of conversation. People want to know how the newest model will hold up in a collision. Even more, people want to know how new cars will prevent an accident from occurring in the first place. So who was 2016’s safest vehicle brand?

The Runner Ups

The race to become the safest vehicle brand is a tight one. Chrysler leads among American car companies. Mazda and Honda come in 4th and 3rd place with near identical safety ratings and awards from IIHS. 2nd place Volvo has a long standing history of safety. Volvo was the first auto maker to implement the now standard “three-point” seat belt. They then, in the interest of safety, left the patent open so that other auto makers could use the same system in their vehicles. Recently, Volvo went as far as declaring that “no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car or SUV by the year 2020.” But even that was not enough to name them 2016’s safest brand.

2016’s Safest Vehicle Brand is…


Despite these tough competitors, Subaru has been named the safest vehicle brand of 2016.

Accident prevention is the new focus of the automotive world. After all, the safest accident is the one that never happened. Subaru’s Eyesight™ sensor system is the most effective among current vehicle models. Eyesight™ delivers multiple safety features that are all designed to prevent accidents. Adaptive cruise control monitors traffic and adjusts speed accordingly. It warns the driver of lane departures or swaying. It can even brake the vehicle to a complete stop if it senses an oncoming collision. Subaru also utilizes rear sensors for collisions that might be out of the driver’s field of vision.

Subaru also offers a mobile service called Starlink™. Starlink™ can provide a wide range of emergency services. From automatically contacting emergency services in the event of an accident, to tracking your vehicle if it is ever stolen. Starlink™ provides the additional peace of mind that help is always within reach.

On top of high tech gadgets, the overall design of Subaru vehicles is built with safety in mind. The engine is mounted in a way that a front end collision will push the engine down and away from passengers rather than into the cabin. The “ring shaped” reinforced frame is among the most durable in the industry. “Accidents are so much more survivable with modern engineering. The crash management systems in today’s vehicles are so complex and sophisticated. For shop owners, it requires a lot of training and investment in equipment to keep up, but all of this is undoubtedly a great thing,” said I-Car and ASE Certified Adjuster Luis Gonzalez of LG Auto Body.


Subaru’s also have unmatched control and drivability. Their traction control and all wheel drive systems beat out their competitors significantly. Their vehicles are renowned for their ability to tackle adverse road conditions which also make them more controlled should an emergency arise on the roadway. Even their visibility outmatches other brands. The interior and windows are designed to lessen the amount of blind spots for the driver.

These are only a handful of the safety features that have earned Subaru the title of 2016’s safest brand. Next year will be another close race among auto makers. Whoever wins, the real victory is for the people who will be driving them.